elegator trailer gate lift system. Makes heavy gates easy to lift
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Gate Flexor™, Inc. teamed up with several of the nation’s leading steel manufacturers and suppliers, seasoned experts in their field, to create & develop this unique gate lift system. eLegator has become a strong valuable tool that has resulted from this concentrated research.

Gate Flexor is an industry developer and provider of professionally designed and unique products.

We’re especially committed to the development and manufacturing of cost effective products that provide real value to end users.

Based in Denver, CO., our goal is to maintain our leadership in providing sophisticated, innovative, and high tech products which improve the quality of life.

By fulfilling the end user wants and needs, eLegator has become a preferred choice of landscapers and ATV enthusiasts. It has provided the solution that fits any budget. These are high quality, guaranteed utility trailer ramp springs.

Our offices are easy to contact. Should you have questions or require additional information, we invite you to call or e-mail us!

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